We’re over half way through Wimbledon 2016, and it’s safe to say there’s been a few shockers, namely the Djokovic upset - but Andy Murray is still in the tournament and us Brits are going strong. As the final draws closer this Sunday, you might be looking for a few treats to enjoy whilst you cheer on your favourite player!

At Retro Sweet, we get really in to the tennis, serving up some ace dishes. And obviously because it’s Wimbledon, there’s a lot of strawberries and a few other fruity treats around! It’s the perfect spectator sport to enjoy if you have a sweet tooth and we certainly do. Here we show you how you can enjoy Wimbledon with Retro Sweet. 

Strawberries and Cream

One of the best things about Wimbledon Is the abundance of strawberries and cream that becomes available and accessible everywhere. But what about when you want the same great taste but in a different form? Strawberries and Cream sweets from Retro Sweet are a tasty alternative to the real thing and won’t give you the messy clean up afterwards.

Strawberry Hearts

Strawberry hearts are another strawberry themed sweet that are a great treat to snack on throughout the Wimbledon final! These chewy, juicy sweets are a delight and they are the perfect sweet treat to accompany your Wimbledon themed spread on Sunday. 


Don’t get too excited, unfortunately we don’t do Pimms flavoured sweets… But with a combination of a few of our other sweets you can recreate the classic Pimms flavour, kind of! The fruity drink combines strawberry, oranges, limes and mint to create a British classic that is enjoyed throughout Wimbledon. At Retro Sweet we have a huge variety of fruity flavoured sweets that will evoke nostaliga and give you a real taste of summer, that might just remind you of Pimms. 

Looking for a few other bits to include in your Wimbledon themed spread for the final? Take a look at our wide selection of Retro Sweets and make your pick now!