Including a sweet buffet at your next event is one sure way fire to ensure your guests will remember the evening for all the right reasons! And what better way to put an extra special touch into your sweet table than by doing it yourself?

Creating a DIY sweet buffet couldn’t be easier with the help from Retro Sweet, read on for some quick hints and tips on how to create the best sweet buffet, whatever the event!


Firstly, identify your budget! Realistically how much do you want to be spending on your DIY sweet buffet? Doing this can help ensure you don’t go overboard, we definitely know how easy it is to get carried away when it comes to sweets! Looking for ideas and templates for your table on places such as Pinterest or Etsy can give you great inspiration, as well as helping to save you time and money on purchasing unnecessary items.


Another exciting step in organising your DIY sweet buffet is to think of the theme. Now, this will depend on the kind of event you are hosting, whether it is a wedding, christening, birthday party, etc. decorating your table with bunting, ensuring the jars fit in and looking at your sweet bags or boxes will all depend on the theme. Do you want a more traditional feel with striped bags like the old school corner shops had, or you could even modernise and personalise your buffet!

And Last But Not Least

…The sweets! It’s our favourite bit of organising any DIY sweet buffet, but we would say that! Choosing which sweets to put on to your table might just be the most important aspect of the whole event (in our opinion anyway). Whether it is Love Hearts, Drumstick Lollies, Strawberry Hearts or some fizzy favourites, your sweet collection should be varied to suit everyone’s tastes. Take a look at Retro Sweet’s full range and get your DIY sweet buffet started today.