Whether it is a birthday, an anniversary or any other occasion, a personalised gift is the perfect way to show you care. At Retro Sweet, when it comes to personalisation we are the masters. 

Personalisation is this year’s hottest trend when it comes to presents, there’s no denying that – and at Retro Sweet we have fully embraced this to allow you to put a name and a message on any of our products to create the perfect present for your loved one, whatever the occasion! 

An Extra Special Gift…

For an extra special gift, take a look at our Retro Sweet Hampers? Lovingly presented with an old school theme in a wicker basket, these hampers can be personalised making them the perfect gift for any occasion. Our Classic Retro Sweet Hamper holds over 1.5 kilos of retro sweets, with Dolly Mixture, Cola Bottles, Jelly Babies, Kola Kubes and so much more.

Something A Little Smaller?

If you are looking for something a little smaller, but that will still hit their sweet tooth take a look at our smaller product ranges. From sweet jars or boxes, to bags and even bouquets we have a huge range of products that can be personalised for any occasion.

Sweet Boxes

Choosing a sweet box from Retro Sweet could be the perfect gift, with a special Retro Sweet Party Box, or even something a little more special with an Old Fashioned Sweet Shop Box to give an authentic nostalgic feel to your gift. 

The Perfect Finishing Touch

Personalising your gift from Retro Sweet provides the perfect finishing touch to what is sure to be an already perfect present; adding a touch of personalisation takes the present to the next level. Show you care with an extra special personalised present from Retro Sweet, shop our range today!