Our entire childhood revolved around sweets, we all know and loved the after school trip to the corner shop, filling up a bag of sweets and heading home. We’d be full of sugar, and ready to sit down and watch all of our favourite TV shows (Blue Peter anyone?) after school or ride our bikes around the park with our friends. But to fuel us were a selection of the following 90’s sweet, that we know, love and can definitely still enjoy today.

Join us on a nostalgic trip down sweetie lane…

Drumstick Lollies

These chewy, creamy lollies are the perfect sweet treat, they’re the perfect place to start and such a blast from the past. Raspberry and milk flavours run through these chewy lollies, you can’t miss these out when you are putting together a 90’s mix of sweets! 

Wham Bar

Another chewy favourite, coming in a range of flavours but of course the original will always be our favourite! Whether you want them in their original size or you want a handful of mini wham bars, these are a great addition to the mix. We’re very glad these are still available today! 

Candy Necklaces

Edible jewellery? Who could resist! Candy necklaces are a favourite amongst kids, these hard candy shells are a great accessory as well as being a tasty edible treat. 

Foam Shrimps

One of our favourites, we’re sure that no one can resist these delicious raspberry flavoured shrimps. If you are looking to add a bit of variety to your 90’s pic ‘n’ mix, these are the perfect item to do this! 

Flying Saucers

These UFO-shaped treats made with rice paper and filled with a tangy, sour sherbet have been a firm favourite of ours, and we’re sure they have been for you too. We're positive that people will be enjoying these for years to come and we're glad that these are still available!

Rainbow Drops

With an appearance that is similar to many cereals we enjoyed as children, this rice confectionery has been a firm favourite across the generations and we are sure it will be a favourite for many years to come! 

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