Bonfire Night Header

Remember, remember, the 5th of November! If you hadn’t realised that today is bonfire night then we’re here with a super sweet reminder to get you in the spirit!

There are some sweet treats that just lend themselves to this time of year and today we’re going to be sharing with you our top 5 retro sweets that we think are best enjoyed on bonfire night!

Popping Candy

An obvious choice for bonfire night is, of course, popping candy!

A tasty treat that mimics the fireworks going off around you, popping candy is seriously old school and a super fun sweet snack that is perfect for the occasion!

Our old school popping candy comes in the classic cherry flavour that is tangy, a little sour and the ultimate taste to accompany the popping texture.

Vanilla Fudge

Treacle might be more traditional for bonfire night but we think old-fashioned vanilla fudge is just as delicious for this special occasion!

Any flavours such as fudge, butterscotch or toffee are highly popular during bonfire season but we think it doesn’t get better than plain and simple vanilla flavoured fudge.

A soft, chewy texture and understated flavour that all ages can enjoy, we recommend dipping your fudge in melted chocolate for a fun and tasty treat at bonfire celebrations!

Liquorice Wheels

A seasonal sweet treat, liquorice wheels are perfect for bonfire parties thanks to the way they mimic the famous firework, the Catherine wheel.

These fragrantly flavoured black liquorice pinwheel sweets might be a love or hate kind of taste but there’s no denying that they’re the ultimate sweet treat for enjoying whilst embracing the fun of bonfire night!

Double Dip Sherbet

Another retro sweet treat that provides flavours that feel perfectly suited for bonfire night, double dip sherbets are tangy, sour and provide fireworks in your mouth!

Combining orange and cherry flavours with a candy stick for dipping, there’s no better combination of popping fruity flavours to enjoy whilst watching the fireworks!


Keeping with the theme of retro sweets that mimic the colours and sounds of bonfire night, it doesn’t get more festive than fizzers!

Fizzers might feel like a sweet treat for little ones but with their vibrant colours and fizzy texture in the mouth, they’re an ideal choice if you’re looking for retro sweets to add to your bonfire night buffet!

Super Sweet Bonfire Night Ideas

If you’re hosting a bonfire party tonight or throughout this week then adding all of the above to your selection of snacks is definitely a must but we’d also recommend a few other DIY bonfire themed sweet treats including:

-          Toffee apples

-          Bananas covered with melted chocolate and multicoloured sprinkles

-          Cookie sandwiches with melted marshmallows and fudge

-          Popping candy cookies

So, if you’re planning a firework display or bonfire party, it’s not too late to stock up on all the sweets you’ll need to celebrate. Our party sweet boxes are the perfect purchase for keeping your party well stocked with all the retro sweet treats you could need throughout the night, so whether you’re hosting a bonfire themed bash or another kind of festive celebration soon, our retro sweet boxes are essential for throwing any kind of party!

Have you got any bonfire party ideas you’d like to share with us? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram!