Say It With Sweets Header

Whether you want to say happy birthday, thank you or I’m sorry, sweets are the best way to get your message across loud and clear without having to mutter a word.

Although we think every occasion calls for sweets, we’re going to share with you 5 occasions in particular where we think it’s better to stay quiet and let the sweets do the talking. 

Congratulations Bouquets


Achievements are made to be celebrated, so if you want to congratulate someone and show them you really mean it when you say ‘well done’, don’t just say it with words, say it with sweets.

Forget flowers, our sweet bouquets are the perfect gift to give when you want someone to know you’re truly happy for them. Filled with whatever sweets you wish, you can create your own sweet bouquet at Retro Sweet that is ideal for the occasion.


No one likes saying ‘I’m Sorry’ and sometimes words just aren’t enough to smooth everything over, so if you’re in need of an apology that is going to ensure a situation gets resolved, saying sorry with sweets is a far better option.

Make sure whoever you’re apologising to know you mean it by adding in an extra gesture to show your sincerity. Nobody can stay mad when there are sweets on offer, so you can rest assured your apology will be accepted with the help of some sweet treats.

Happy BirthdayBirthday Bouquet

Whether they’re a friend, family member or colleague, everyone’s birthday should be treated like the most special of occasions, so to celebrate in super sweet style, be sure to say happy birthday using some of their favourite sweet treats.

Our sweet hampers are the perfect birthday gift for all ages and there’s a selection of sweets to suit everyone. With free personalisation available with every hamper, you can add a customised message to the hamper to create the ultimate birthday gift.

Thank You

When it comes to saying thank you, it can be easy just to say the words and move on without really showing someone how much you appreciate what they’ve done for you but when you bring sweets into the equation, there’ll be no doubting how grateful you are.

No matter how big or small you want your gesture of thanks to be, Retro Sweet can help create the perfect package of sweets for you to use to say thank you to someone special.

I Love You Sweets

I Love You

No matter who you want to show some extra love to, sweets are always the best way to do so. Everyone likes hearing those three words from their nearest and dearest but sometimes an extra special display of love is required.

We have specially designed ‘I Love You’ sweet boxes that don’t just spell the words out for you but also contain a selection of different retro sweets that everyone knows and loves.

To give someone special a super sweet surprise, show them how much you love them with the help of some of their favourite sweets.

We think every day should be showered with tasty treats and that every occasion calls for a touch of sugar but we truly believe that these 5 occasions are the most important times to say it with sweets.

If you got your point across to someone using some of our sweet ideas, be sure to let us know on Twitter or Instagram!