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We often think of thank you gifts as something that are exchanged between friends and family but they’re also something that are a big part of the business world.

There’s no better way to thank a client or customer for their business than to say thank you with something sweet which is why our corporate gifting range is so popular with businesses of all kinds.

We’ve got so many different options when it comes to corporate sweets; some aimed towards gifting, others aimed towards using at events and celebrations, so we’re going to be sharing with you three super sweet corporate gifting ideas that will work for any business that wants to thank their customers or clients.

Sweet Bouquets

Sweet bouquets are an affordable way of giving a gift that has real wow-factor. These generously sized hand-wrapped bouquets are stuffed full of sweets and can be personalised on the tag with a name and message of your choice and starting at prices from just £2.50, you really can’t go wrong!

Whether you want to thank a customer for a substantial purchase or thank a client for working with you on a project, sending a sweet bouquet is the perfect way to do so.

Not only can they be personalised with your business’ branding as well as the message of your choice but there’s a variety of options for the sweets inside to ensure there’s something that works for everyone, so whether you want to go for a mix of retro sweets, pack the bouquets with one individual kind of sweet or cater for specific dietary requirements such as gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, vegan or halal, we can make all of that happen.

There are also two different sizes available in the sweet bouquets depending on your budget and how big of a thanks you’re saying.

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Sweet Jars

There’s nobody out there, no matter whether you consider yourself a sweet or savoury lover, that won’t get excited when a jar of sweets lands on their doorstep.

We have a variety of different options when it comes to corporate sweet jars including a range of different sizes from 0.5 litres all the way to 3.5 litres. We also have both plastic and glass jars available depending on how sentimental you want this thank you gift to be.

All of our sweet jars can be designed with your branding on the front in full colour or can have a personalised name and message on the front to add a thoughtful touch for the person or business you’re saying thank you to.

Sweet jars are an ideal gift for thanking multiple people at once as it’s something that is easy for everyone to share and enjoy, so if you’ve got a whole team or office full of people you want to thank, this is perfect and as with the bouquets, there’s a selection of options for the sweets inside to ensure everyone can dig in!

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Sweet Hampers

Especially with Christmas not too far away now, looking for great looking corporate gifts to send to your customers and clients to say, ‘Merry Christmas’ and to thank them for 12 months of custom is becoming an important job but our sweet hampers are a great choice.

Starting at just £24.00 for a wicker basket filled with a variety of retro and old-fashioned sweets, our corporate sweet hampers really give the wow-factor when you open them up and are the perfect way to thank any client or customer for their business.

Hampers are available in a natural wood colour or black and each come with a personalised swing tag and A5 card inside where you can add your business’ branding as well as a message to the recipient. The selection of sweets inside can cater for gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, vegan and more requirements as well as including a range of sweets or just one kind, depending on what you want to give.

If you want to give something a little extra special, our sweet hampers are the ultimate choice.

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When it comes to thank you gifts for clients, we’ve got it all sorted for you. From bouquets to boxes, pots to hampers, we’ve got so many different ways of giving sweets, all with your branding on, so to learn more about our corporate sweets range and find out how we can help you say a super sweet thank you to your clients and customers, get in touch today!